Mumbo Sauce and Its Place in DC’s African American Community

The DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) region has its own unique food culture, and one of the most iconic dishes is chicken wings coated in sticky, sweet Mumbo Sauce. This tangy, spicy condiment has its roots in the African American neighborhoods of Washington DC in the 1950s and has become an integral part of the area’s culinary tradition.

A Taste of DC’s African American History

Mumbo Sauce likely originated from Argia Collins, who ran a popular chicken wings carryout restaurant in DC in the 1950s. She reportedly mixed ingredients like molasses, vinegar, and cayenne pepper to create the orange-red sauce that customers couldn’t get enough of. The name may come from the word “mambo,” referring to the popular Afro-Cuban dance music of the time.

Over the decades, Mumbo Sauce became a signature flavor across DC’s many wing and carryout establishments. It represents the influence of African American chefs and culture on DMV cuisine. The sauce is both sweet from molasses and tangy from vinegar, with a mild heat from spices like cayenne or paprika.

Mumbo Sauce’s Lasting Popularity in the DMV Area

Today, Mumbo Sauce remains an iconic condiment in the DMV area. Chicken wings served “extra Mumbo” are a staple late-night meal, and the sauce is drizzled over everything from fries to pit beef sandwiches. National Mumbo Sauce Day on June 1st celebrates this distinctive regional flavor.

While you can find bottled Mumbo Sauce in grocery stores, locals know the best Mumbo experience comes from carryouts and restaurants around DC, Maryland and Virginia. Each puts their own spin on the classic recipe with secret variations passed down through generations.

Some spots famous for their signature Mumbo Sauces include:

  • Yum’s Carryout – A DC icon since 1952, with a thicker, spicier Mumbo Sauce. Check out their sauce on Instagram.
  • Just Chicken – Beloved Baltimore spot uses more molasses in their Mumbo for extra sweetness. See their Mumbo wings on their website.
  • Roaming Rooster – Food truck Mumbo Sauce has fresh ginger and other secret ingredients. Find their location on Facebook.

Where to Find the Best Mumbo Sauce in the DMV

Some other top spots to get your hands sticky with Mumbo Sauce include:

  • China Boy – Popular late-night spot for “Mumbo fries” loaded with sauce and toppings. Check out their menu here.
  • Sweet potato Kitchen – Vegan Mumbo Sauce made with maple syrup and smoked paprika. Order online here.

So next time hunger strikes in the DMV, get a true taste of the region’s history and culture with Mumbo Sauce ladled over crispy fried chicken or fries. It’s a quintessential DC-area flavor you won’t want to miss!

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