Going Behind The Scenes Of The 2021 T.I.M.E EP

What’s Good My Lovee’s!

Introducing the T.I.M.E EP, a musical piece and artistic expression that I released in 2021.

The acronym T.I.M.E stands for Traveling In My Era, a concept that cultivates the true essence of this project. Through this EP, I express myself on a creative journey that allowed me to revisit the past, infuse a modern twist in the present, and shape a timeless legacy for the future.

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The inspiration behind this endeavor stems from my deep admiration for the golden age of Hip-Hop in the 90s which was nurtured by the beats and rhymes of some of the East coast’s biggest icons. As my passion deepened, I explored the diverse coasts that contributed to Hip-Hop culture, igniting an even stronger connection. For this project, I carefully selected legendary artists from that era who left an undeniable impact on me. Every beat choice was informed by my personal connection to the original song then infusing my creative energy into each reimagined track. Among my cherished picks are “Bitxhh”,”Ours” and “Amok” all 3 hold a special significance to me.

I invite you to share your favorites and the reasons behind your choice with my. Listen Here

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Supreme Lovee

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